International Screen Academy

International Screen Academy

Start date: May 15, 2018
End date: May 15, 2018
Type: Meetup
Event location: On Campus
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Information Meetup Event on Film Making & Acting In Australia

Join the Information Meetup Event On Film Making & Acting In Australia. 

The International Screen Academy and Sydney Film School invites you to attend our free Masterclass in Mumbai where we will provide a structured intensive class on an introduction to the Hero's Journey for film, acting and animation. We will provide information on how you can study filmmaking or acting in Sydney Australia. 
  • Filmmakers - learn how to avoid predicable plots and create fresh film stories.
  • Actors - learn how to understand the archetypal nature of your character.
  • Animators - learn how to create an original story from old myths.
Using examples from films, all participants will learn what filmmakers, actors and animators need to know to create compelling characters and an engaging story. With a perspective on Hollywood storytelling techniques, this accelerated introductory 2-hour workshop is offered at no charge to introduce participants to the philosophy and practical nature of the International Screen Academy and Sydney Film School is the new paradigm in film and acting schools.
The course is taught by screenwriter and producer Simon Hunter. Simon is the Executive Chairman of International Screen Academy and Sydney Film School. Simon was the President of New York Film Academy International Programs and has written for Sony Television, Fox Family Channel, Nine Network Australia and Columbia TriStar.

RSVPs are essential. Enrolments are limited. Please register on the top for event. 

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Mobile: 9022137010

Simon David Hunter - Screenwriter, Producer, Director & Executive Chairman - Film & TV Industry; Former President New York Film Academy. 

Simon Hunter began his career as a screenwriter and producer. He wrote Twisted Tales: Bonus Mileage, produced by Australian icon Bryan Brown for the Nine Network Australia. Simon’s screenplay secured Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush to star in the episode. Simon has worked under contract as a writer and producer for Columbia Tristar USA, Columbia Tristar Australia, Fox Family Channel USA, Fred Silverman Productions USA and numerous US and Australian production companies. His previous positions include Director of the Centre for Film & TV at Bond University and President of New York Film Academy Abu Dhabi and Australia. He has served on numerous arts boards including the Gold Coast Arts Centre and Gold Coast Film Festival.

Meetup Location: Aegis School Of Business, 7th Floor, CETTM,Technology Street Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai – 400076