Start date : Sep 8, 2018


Location: On-campus (India, Bengaluru)
Type: Workshop
Director: Dr Vijay Gabale
Coordinator: Gyavin Picardo
Language: English
End date: Sep 8, 2018
Course fee: 15000 INR
GST: 18%
Total course fee: 17700 INR
Enrollment method: Direct Payment
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Course Details

learn about convolution neural network, network training, image classification, object detection using state of the art AI techniques


  • Introduction to CNNs

  • Training CNNs

  • Visualizing CNNs

  • CNNs for object detection: single shot multi box detection

  • Application development 1: Visual Search using CNN

  • Applicaton development 2: Semantic Segmentation of perceived scences in self driving cars

  • Application development 3: Describing a scene in text using image to text conversion 


Knowledge about neural networks, backpropagation algorithm, prediction functions/loss functions/evaluation metrics

VM will be provided before the workshop