Start date : Sep 7, 2018


Location: On-campus (India, )
Type: Workshop
Coordinator: Gyavin Picardo
Language: English
End date: Sep 7, 2018
Course fee: 10000 INR
GST: 18%
Total course fee: 11800 INR
Enrollment method: Direct Payment
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Course Details

Following topics covered:

1. What is deep learning and what are the use cases of it?

2. Introduction to Feed Forward Neural Networks  including the hands-on session

3. Building an Image Classifier using Convolutional Natural Networks

4. Applying Recurrent Neural Network and LSTM Network for text classification

5. How to build your own deep learning projects?


Participants need to have basic data science knowledge and a basic understanding of Python, and iPython Network.

Prerequisite software:

Keras, Tensorflow, Python 3.5 and IPython installed on your computer. If you want to use a VM provided by us with all the required software, then no software installation is needed. 

Laptop configuration with OS:

Students should bring a laptop with Virtualbox (or VMWare) installed, 4GB of RAM and 10GB of storage.