Body Language for Business Success

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Location: Online
Type: Certificate course
Language: English
Course fee: 2000 INR
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Body language for Business Success

Body language is the most fluent, lyrical, revealing, and significant form of communication. As an off-shoot of the psychology of human behavior, it is intriguing, exciting, fascinating, and fun—and yet ultimately frustrating. As a communication skill your body language accounts for over 50 percent of the perceived impact of all your face-to-face messages and so you underestimate

its power and influence at your peril. By creating and defining your own body language, and therefore your own image, you will avoid allowing others to perceive you in a way that will have more to do with assumption and misunderstanding than real skills and abilities. However,

body language is also a much misunderstood subject and a lot of the current advice on the subject is drivel.

By using terms like body language “tells” and analyzing gestures in a simplistic, comic-book style along the lines of “scratching your nose means you’re lying,” many psychologists, TV magicians, and experts have done a lot to mislead the public, therefore damaging what should be primarily an instinctive, sometimes random, but nevertheless revealing process.


This course is body language covers

  • Body Language Basics
    • How Body Language Works
    • How to Make Your Body Language Work for You
    • Postures
    • Gestures
    • Hand Gestures
    • Facial Expressions
    • Eyes and Lip Reading
    • Touch
    • Using Body Language in the Real World
    • Body Language and Business
    • The Skills of Recruitment
    • Body language for 100% result in Interview
    • How to Detect Lie?
    • Crossing the Cultural Divide


The programme would involve interactive sessions, individual and group exercises, role plays, situation-handling, and experience-sharing. Selected video films will complement these.