Big Data Analytics using IBM InfoSphere Big Insight

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Certification Body: Aegis School of Data Science
Location: On-campus (India, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore)
Type: Certificate course
Director: Sharmila Das
Coordinator: Ritin Joshi
Language: English
Course fee: 40000 INR
GST: 18%
Total course fee: 47200 INR
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Course Details

Big Data Analytics using IBM InfoSphere Big Insight

Enterprise Grade Hadoop

IBM® BigInsights for Apache™ Hadoop® collects and economically stores a very large set of highly variable data. IBM BigInsights enhances open source Hadoop with the complete set of capabilities to query, visualize, explore data and conduct distributed machine learning at scale resulting in deeper insight and better actions.

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights brings the power of Hadoop to the enterprise. Apache™ Hadoop® is the open source software framework, used to reliably manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Grade Hadoop empowers enterprises of all sizes to cost effectively manage and analyze big data – the massive volume, variety and velocity of data that consumers and businesses create every day. InfoSphere BigInsights helps increase operational efficiency by modernizing your data warehouse environment as query-able archive, allowing you to store and analyze large volumes of multi-structured data without straining the data warehouse.

What’s inside IBM BigInsights?

IBM BigInsights extends the core components of Hadoop for improved usability. Enterprise-scale features from IBM are added to deliver massive scale-out data processing and analysis with built-in resiliency and fault tolerance. Simplified administration and management capabilities, rich developer tools and powerful analytic functions reduce the complexity of Hadoop.

What’s new

IBM® BigInsights™ for Apache™ Hadoop® supports data science teams and business analysts with:

IBM Open Platform with Apache Hadoop builds the platform for big data projects and provides the most current Apache Hadoop open source content.

The Open Data Platform

IBM is a platinum founding member of this shared industry initiative focused on accelerating enterprise Apache Hadoop® innovation.

It’s based on open standards

Includes a foundation of standard open-source Hadoop and includes the rich open-source components that Hadoop users expect.

It’s enterprise-ready

 Includes several optional enterprise-grade features that users can choose to implement to accelerate the value of Hadoop.

Hadoop for the data scientist

Image: Hadoop Use Cases for the industry Machine Learning and mathematical algorithms have emerged as the missing piece needed to complement Hadoop to achieve faster time to value. IBM BigInsights for Hadoop puts the full range of analytics for Hadoop into the hands of Data Science teams.

Course Overview

This course is designed to aid business analysts who are working with IBM's InfoSphere BigInsights. Writing programs that extract data from unstructured text can be a daunting task. The student will learn how to create annotators through the use of IBM's Annotation Query Language (AQL). Analyzing data using Apache's Hadoop requires that map / reduce programs be written. People familiar with the Hadoop technology are aware of other open source products that are used in this environment. This course will give the student an overview of Apache Pig, ZooKeeper, and Map / Reduce and other Big Data components.

Pre-requisites: A programming background would be advantageous especially knowledge of SQL

Course Curriculum: 

Part 1: InfoSphere BigInsights Basics

1. Customer Video on Business Transformation

2. Introduction to InfoSphere Big Insight : Classroom Session

3. IBM Case Study and Customer Video

4. Introduction to Big Insights Analytics for Business Analysts : Classroom Session

5. Importing Data to InfoSphere BigInsights : Classroom Session

6. BigSheets Workflow : Classroom Session

7. Big Sheets Collections : Classroom Session

8. Lab Exercise 1 : Creating BigSheets Collection by uploading a file

9. Lab Exercise 2: Creating Collections by using Applications to gather Data

9. Customer Video on Business Transformation

Part 2: Working with InfoSphere BigInsights

10. Big Sheets Navigation : Clasroom Session

11. Working with Big Sheets Collections : Classroom Session

12. Big Sheets Readers & Extensions : Classroom Session

13. Lab Exercise 3: Analyzing a Big Sheets Collection

14. Lab Exercise 4: Combining Data to create a new Collection

15. Lab Exercise 5: Visualizing Data in Graphical Form & Exporting Data from a Big

Sheets Collection

Lab Exercise 6: Installing BigSheets Plug in

For Admissions:

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