Cloud Computing & its Economics

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Certification Body: Aegis School of Data Science
Location: On-campus (India, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore)
Type: Certificate course
Coordinator: Ritin Joshi
Language: English
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Occasionally used to refer to the economics of cloud computing, the term “Cloudonomics” was coined by Joe Weinman. The strategic advantages of public utility clouds are fundamentally different than traditional data center environments and private clouds. For individual enterprises, cloud services provide benefits that broadly fall into the categories of lowering overall costs for equivalent services (you pay only for what you use), increased strategic flexibility to meet market opportunities without having to forecast and maintain on-site capacity, and access to the advantages of cloud provider’s massive capacity: instant scalability, parallel processing capability which reduces task processing time and response latency, system redundancy which improves reliability, and better capability to repel botnet attacks. Further, public cloud vendors can achieve unparalleled efficiencies compared to data centers and private clouds because they are able to scale their capacity to address the aggregated demand of many enterprises, each having different peak demand periods. This allows for much higher server utilization rates, lower unit costs, and easier capacity planning netting a much higher return on assets than is possible for individual enterprises. Finally, because the location of the public cloud vendor’s facilities are not tied to the parochial interests of the individual clients, they are able to locate, scale, and manage their operations to take optimum advantage of reduced energy costs, skilled labor pools, bandwidth, or inexpensive real estate.

This course addresses the various aspects of cloud computing like economics of cloud computing; public vs hybrid vs private cloud; strategic advantages; how to price cloud services; business cases etc