Certified Optical Fiber Technician


Location: Online
Type: Certificate course
Course fee: 150 INR
Enrollment method: Direct Payment
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Course Details

Certified Optical Fiber Technician

Brief Job Description: Optical fiber technician is responsible for maintaining uptime and quality of the network segment (both optical media & equipment) assigned to him by undertaking periodic preventive maintenance activities and ensuring effective fault management in case of fault occurrence. He is also required to coordinate activities for installation and commissioning of Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) as per the route plan.

Personal Attributes: This job requires the individual to work closely with multiple teams and operate in field which may consist of difficult terrain. The individual should be able to handle high pressure situations and be analytical to successfully perform the assigned responsibilities. It is preferred that individual is well versed with local language to coordinate with local labors.

Course Overview

  • Introduction to Fiber Optics
  • History and Future of Fiber Optics Networking
  • Fiber To The Home
  • Fiber Optics Networking
  • Fiber Optics Safety
  • Fiber Optics Networking Standards
  • BICSI, RCDD Certification, CFOT Certification
  • Fiber Optics Cable and Connector Identification.
  • Outside Plant Cable Introduction.
  • Hands-on Session Continues – Termination of Fiber Connectors, Splicing (Mechanical & Fusion), Design & Installation of Fiber Cabling, Introduction to Splicing
  • Outside Plant Fiber Cable preparation, termination & testing. Practical Hands-On Exam (Fiber Network Testing and Trouble Shooting)
  • Introduction to Basic OTDR Functions, Use of the OTDR, Power Source and Light Meter Functions
  • Continuity Testing, Tools and Equipment 
  • Safety