Certified Optical Fiber Splicer


Location: Online
Type: Certificate course
Course fee: 150 INR
Enrollment method: Direct Payment
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Course Details

Certificated Optical Fiber Splicer

Optical fibre splicer is responsible for ensuring efficient splicing of the optical fibre cables and supports in optical fibre installation and in carrying out fibre testing using OTDR and power meter.

Certificated Optical Fibre Splicer Course is based on NOS (National Occupation Standard) and accredited by TSSC. It is designed for the field Optical Fiber Splicer who wants to learn the practical aspects of cable splicing. It contains a wealth of information and technical specifications for fibre optic cables. This course combines both theory and practical exercises with hands-on activities.

Course Assessment and Certification:

Final certification will be done by TSSC based on rigorous assessment.

Course Overview:

  • Fiber Optics Basics: Principles of optical transport media and OFC communication
  • Optical fiber characteristics like refraction, polarization, attenuation, dispersion
  • Bands in optical fibre and their usability, loss characteristics
  • Signal strength and quality KPIs – design values and margins
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Functionality of optical equipments like cleaver, mechanical and fusion splicing kit, protection sleeves, fiber stripper, fiber reinforced plaster during splicing and jointing
  • Functionality of optical test equipments like OTDR and power meter
  • Optimal values of OTDR, Power meter and light meter test results
  • Fiber Optics Safety
  • Fiber Cable Preparation and Mid-Span Access
  • Fusion & Mechanical Splicing Process
  • Different types of OFC connectors based on the type of equipments
  • Splice Troubleshooting
  • Hands-on Session Begins
  • Hands-on Session Continues
  • Standard process and need for performing duct integrity tests like air tightness tests and kink free tests
  • OSP Enclosures and Installation
  • Hands-on Troubleshooting
  • Installation & Commissioning of Optical fiber cables (OFC)
  • Standard trenching, cable laying, pit preparation, splicing, jointing, blowing and back-filling process for installation of OFC cables