Certified Handset Repair Engineer (Level II)


Location: Online
Type: Vocational
Course fee: 150 INR
Enrollment method: Direct Payment
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Course Details

Handset Repair Engineer (Level II)

Brief Job Description: Handset repair engineer is responsible for performing handset repair including hardware and software components and testing the handset for adequacy post repair.

Personal Attributes: This job requires the individual to be analytical and be able to handle high pressure situations to successfully perform the assigned responsibilities. He should have basic written and oral communication skills and should be able to apply practical judgement to successfully perform the assigned responsibilities.

Course Overview:

Mobile Phone Introduction

  1. Introduction of Mobile Phone
  2. Measuring Tool
  3. Repair Tools & Equipments
  4. ESD Safety
  5. Mobile Components I
  6. Mobile Components II
  7. Disassembling/Assembling

    L2 Level Hardware Faults and Resolution

  1. Keyboard Related Faults
  2. Display Related Faults
  3. Audio Related Faults
  4. Network/SIM Related
  5. Vibrator Related Fault
  6. Camera Related Faults
  7. Battery/Charging Related faults
  8. Buttons Related Faults
  9. FM / Bluetooth related faults
  10. Handfree / Memory Card Related Faults
  11. Handset Dead
  12. Touchpad Related

Handset fault Rectification with Software

  1. Basic Computer Understanding
  2. Handset Operating Sytem and applications
  3. Software Zigs
  4. Software Related faults
  5. Software Practise
  6. Data Backup and Restore

Spares Management and Inventory

  1. Spares Management
  2. Inventory Management (MSL)

       Standard Repair Process

  1. Troubleshooting
  2. Repair Process

General Skill & Communication Skills

  1. Develop General Skill
  2. Communication Skill
  3. Writing Skill
  4. Reading Skill
  5. Analytical Skill

KPI Parameters and Reports

  1. KPI Parameters & Reports


  1. Hardware
  2. Software