Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis

Application fee : 1000 INR


Location: On-campus (India, )
Type: Certificate course
Coordinator: Ritin Joshi
Language: English
Course fee: 35000 INR
GST: 18%
Total course fee: 41300 INR
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Course Details

The course features a review of procedures that reduce vulnerabilities introduced by the use of modern operating systems. Limitations are exhibited through simple examples; and these are gradually developed by basic exploitation techniques into more complicated methods applicable to real-world situations. Exploitation is resolved as a creative problem-solving process to deal with common types of vulnerabilities. The focus is on the hands-on application of the material through exercises, by guiding the students through the development of exploits for vulnerabilities in common software.
Course Objectives
The participant should be able to:
• Identify specific threats and risks associated with Linux-based, Windows, and Android applications.
• Vulnerability Assessment on Linux, Windows and Android platforms.
• Perform a hands-on penetration test and reverse engineering on Linux, Windows and Android applications
• PHP-Basics, Injection
• Sessions & Cookies
• XSS Attacks
• Advanced SQLI
• Cross Site Request Forgery, Session Hijacking
• Web Based Worms
• Flash based Web Attacks
• I-Frame based Web Attacks
1. Clickjacking
2. Attack frameworks: AttackAPI & BeEF
3. Penetration testing on DVWA
4. Honey-tokens
5. OWASP Top 10
• Metasploit and Web Applications
• Automated Bots
• Phishing 2.0
• Brute forcing Web Applications