Location: On-campus (India, Mumbai)
Type: Meetup
Duration: 3 Hrs
Enrollment method: Self Enrollment
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Course Details

-Machine Learning
-What is ML?
- Data Science vs Analytics vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs NLP
-What it takes to be a ML engineer or expert?
-Whats skills you need?
-What kind of job they do?
-Imp ML algorithms
-Live demo
-Use cases

Cyber Security use cases
Use of Machine Learning in Cyber Security
skills needed

Key Speakers:
Amit Dubey,Deputy CTO of Tech Mahindra.An Author,National Security Expert and Crime Investigator.He is a renowned National Security Expert and a Crime Investigator on Cyber Forensics and Ethical Hacking to various Investigation Agencies like (NIA, CBI, Punjab Police, STF Lucknow, STF Noida etc.). Some of his expertise includes Cyber Crime Data Analysis on Social Media, Call Data Record Analysis, Cell Tower Data Analysis, Mobile phone Tracking, Mobile Phone Hacking, Phishing Server and Cyber Attacks, Counter Cyber Attacks, Email Hacking, Email Tracing etc.