Application fee : 1000 INR


Certification Body: Aegis School of Data Science
Location: On-campus,Online
Type: Certificate course
Coordinator: Ritin Joshi
Language: English
Course fee: 35000 INR
GST: 18%
Total course fee: 41300 INR
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How do you turn data from sources as different as ad network click-through and customer buying habits into a complete strategy? What are the best ways to attract potential customers while keeping relationships with your loyal fans fresh? What can social media data tell you about changes you could be making to your marketing approach?

You wrestle with questions like these every day at the same time as you’re bombarded with data. Online ad campaigns, results of hyper-local marketing efforts, bounce rates, conversions and more all give clues about how well you’re reaching your audience. Yet, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. In fact, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the minutiae and miss important data relationships and trends that can help you nurture a new kind of customer or try a new way to increase loyalty.
Marketing analytics can be used to predict a customer's potential response to a new ad campaign based on their previous behavior and purchases. If a customer frequently abandons their online shopping basket, then marketers can try to find out why -- and tailor personalized offers to close the sale.

Marketing Analytics helps you to understand all your data and make better decisions faster as you move through the funnel. Whether you are making discoveries in historical data or looking ahead for new ideas and better approaches to future campaigns, you can easily analyze the wide range of information you need to do your job.