About Us

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mUniversity is an online market place for education bundled with live video sessions delivery platform and learning management system on cloud.

mUniversity is a complete platform offers end to end services tailored around the need of education providers, corporate and knowledge seekers both online and on-campus.

What you can do with mUniversity

Education Providers

Universities, Schools, Colleges, Training Companies, Coaching and Teaching Faculty

1. Buy, sale and deliver courses online here

2. No Capex, better ROI

3. Enroll candidates for online & on campus programs

4. Total solutions for education delivery management

5. Address challenges: Growing cost, Faculty, Scale, Relevance and Effectiveness

6. Run conferences


1. Total solution to manage Learning and Development

2. Address challenges: Growing cost, trainers, Scale, Relevance and Effectiveness

3. No Capex better ROI

4. Purchase best courses and put inside your LMS

5. Deliver interactive training to Employees, partners and customers

6. Freedom from Dead LMS and Black Box


1. Eradicate the birth penalty

2. Better & affordable education for all

3. Equal opportunity for every one

4. Scalable vocational training infrastructure

5. Build a strong knowledge society

6. Improve employability

7. Reduce the digital divide

mUniversity Components


Open Marketplace

 Education provides sell online & on-campus courses

 Learners, Enterprises, Universities and Govt buy courses

 Integrated online Application and inquiry management

 Online as well as other models of Payment collection

 Custom branded landing page and course catalog

Your own Enterprise MOOC

 Offer free courses at our own branded MOOC

 Fulfill social responsibility

 Build strong brand and market awareness

 Build army of brand ambassadors & pipe line of prospects

Recruitment Support

 Call center service to support ongoing sales & recruitment

 Dedicated Agent / account Manger to manage local ground level recruitment,    counseling and other support activates

 Product design & development support


 Deliver courses online with integrated World class LMS

 No Capex, no need to build additional digital asset

 Create or Upload your existing courses

 Learners access course material, live and recorded video sessions anywhere on laptop/ tablet or in meetings rooms

Virtual Class Room

 Live interactive web based video lectures

 Let Top experts from Industry and Academia deliver lectures breaking the geography barrier

 Low cost digital studio class room solutions

Custom Content

 Customized content for your universities or enterprise mapped to the courses curriculum or training requirement.